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The long Stem Rose is a hand sculpt rose not dissimilar to a bakers rose found on a cake. The construction is nearly the same. We use a low melting temperature Wax and mash each Peddle between our fingers and shape it into a rose. If you look closely you can still see our fingerprints in the low spots. The Ladies all love roses Red or Silver. This piece also has matching components Bracelet, Ring, And Ear Rings. Also can be adorned with your choice of center Gemstones. Flowers are like fun tickets, give and you shall receive. Just under 2 inches and just over 1/2 oz Sterling.
Handmade item
Length: Size to fit inches
Materials: Sterling Silver, Silver chain, Stainless Steel Clasp, Natural Gemstones
Made to order
Ships worldwide from United States

Long Stem Rose

SKU: 0031
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